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*All of our members are affiliates and earn commissions on sales of our membership & products.

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Sales at YOUR LEVEL, Silver, Gold, Gold Annual, and Platinum pay 50%.

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Gold and Gold annual are paid 50% for Silver, Gold, Gold Annual referrals. 25% for Platinum referrals.

Platinums are paid a straight 50% on all levels of referrals.

To our knowledge, this is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs anywhere.

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All TVO, Premium Optin Leads, and MLMers/Business Opportunity Seekers will be

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Your LMS never expires and includes our Phase2 website builder (free hosting), hundreds of hours of training, 27 Weekly Live Webinars and more.

You can send emails from your LMS directly to your leads and take advantage of our email tracking of people opening your emails and clicking on your website.

We will also use our traffic generating mechanisms to direct traffic to your website.

We set up the Youmongus Ad Network Account for you and you can place and edit your own Ads. (include picture, You Tube Movies and your website links)

The Youmongus Ad Network Account is a three month subscription valued at $150/ 3 months)

When you order monthly, your Monthly Order Qualifies you for the 4 x 2 Double your Leads Special. This means that we'll double your leads on your fourth order.

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Give Free Vacation Getaways For Prospects And New Members!

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100's Of National And International Destinations!

We Are International!

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 *All of our members are affiliates and earn commissions on sales of our membership & products.

Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, good work habits, and consistency over a period of time. We cannot

guarantee income. You may make more, less, or nothing at all depending solely on your efforts.

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