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What We Do

We are in the Traffic business. We sell leads and op-tins  at the  solo ads site,  Dr. Good Traffic. 
Here on this site, LogicalCash, our members receive the best leads at up to 50% off, get our simple training system as part of their membership plus, lowest cost for premium 95% tier one USA Traffic!
By providing our members heavily discounted traffic, they refer new members and earn even more sales for their business.
As they earn more, they will naturally want to  scale their  business by purchasing more (laser targeted) traffic. Simple...Effective.
Plus..Give your friends and prospects 3 and 4 day Luxury Getaways to Increase conversions by up to 60% at no cost for members, plus,  lowest cost for premium 95% tier one USA Traffic!

Membership Means -  Big Savings!

Because no matter your home business.. You need a steady supply of people who are not only waiting to hear from you, but actually include their phone number so you can reach them!

Our Leads

We specialize in Premium Quality 95% Tier 1 Solo ads.  We also have Opt-In leads, Real time leads, and bargain priced Aged leads. Become a Member, save up to 50%, receive best Solo Ads and build a substantial business!

Give Your Prospects a Luxury Getaway And Watch Your Team Explode!

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95%  T1 Traffic - Premium Quality Traffic As Measured By  ClickMagick.


Prices so low we can't show them here. Get with your sponsor for complete member details. WE DON'T BITE 🙂

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Disclaimer: Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, good work habits and consistency over a period of time. We cannot

guarantee income. You may make more, less, or nothing at all depending solely on your efforts, and/or the efforts of your group.

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